Monday, 4 June 2012

Are prostitutes really victims?

There is a common cry from liberal feminists that prostitutes are victims. Nothing is further from the truth. And indeed, portraying these girls as victims does nothing to help them change their lives - if they want to.

And there in lies the big phrase - if they want to. We'll discount the small minority of women who have been trafficked into prostitution from a destitute country for they really do need help. But for almost all of the women working in prostitution have the choice to change their lives.

 Many prostitutes, such as Paris (pictured working in London) remain as sex workers through greed 
There are an endless amount of charities and organisations that provide support to prostitutes. But for most women who sell their bodies, they do so because it's an easy way for them to make money. Everyone of those women would be able to find 'regular' employment in a job. Hardly victims, are they?

Another common claim among some prostitution charities is that society is the problem, and that these women  don't have any other alternatives. This, too, is utter nonsense.  There are endless opportunities in the western world for anybody from any background to live whatever life they desire.
Ex-hooker Charlie Daniels 

Many of the prostitutes on the streets, in massage parlours, brothels or working as escorts do so to earn money. If they are doing it to fund a drug habit, taking those drugs is their choice, and so is selling their body. There are plenty of heroin addicts who never resorted to prostitution to feed their addiction.

Another view is that many prostitutes are exploiting men. Men who are lonely, afraid, in need of intimacy or simply in need of sex. The men have the need and women are taking advantage of that by using their bodies to profit from them.

In fact, one former prostitute Charlie Daniels says in her book, Priceless, that it was simply greed that kept her working as a prostitute. Few would argue with this view when looking at girls who charge hundreds of pounds for their services and live the high-life at the expense of men who were charmed by their features. Indeed, one photograph of Paris, a prostitute who worked in a Soho walk-up, shows her splayed out over a bed with cash scattered over her body. Victim? Exploited? Pull the other one.

Perhaps the most fitting view is somewhere in the middle. Prostitutes are neither the victims that some people portray them as (the victim label also gives prostitutes an excuse if they are arrested which is another reason why it should be avoided) and men are not exploited fools. Men, too, also have a choice and sleeping with a prostitute is something they are willingly pursuing.

It takes two to tango. And clearly there are motivating factors for the prostitute. This is primarily financial, be it to pay for drugs, drink, new clothes or rent. While the man's need is for some degree of physical stimulation.


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