Monday, 18 June 2012

Prostitution explosion for 2012 Olympic games

Indian escort Sabrina has special offers for the games
Hookers are getting ready to strike gold at the Olympic Games - as dozens of agencies spring up online.

Prostitutes from across the UK have begun advertising special offers online to target tourists visiting for the sports spectacular in July.

One company even calls itself Olympic Escorts and offers discounts for customers who use them more than once.

Another, called Supreme 69, says: 'The London Olympics will see millions of visitors flood into London over the course of the Games.

'Many of these visitors will be gentlemen who desire the company of a beautiful woman over dinner or some interesting and exciting female company during the course of their stay.'

Another online escort agency, called Exotic Elite, says: 'London is already a vibrant city so as you can imagine during the Olympics it is going to be absolutely wild.
'Our 2012 escorts are looking extremely forward to gentlemen from all the world touching down in London.'

High-class escort Madison, 49, is moving to London for a month to cash in on the Games.

The Manchester-based mum of one, who charges £1,000 per night for sex, said: 'It’s worth my while getting a hotel in London while the Olympics is on.

Olympic Escorts 2012: This escort is using the Games to market her services

'My earnings are about average for an independent escort, but I expect to make several thousands more at the Olympics. More men will be at the Olympics.

'They get up in the morning and sex is on their mind. And they can’t relax until that’s been taken care off.

Former brothel owner Becky Adams
'If they’re far away from home, without their wives, then they call an escort. There’s no shortage of money at these big events because it’s rich tourists or corporate clients.'

Former brothel owner Becky Adams said: 'I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and any excuse to hook the punters is welcomed with open arms.

'When the World Cup was on one year we offered a ‘sh*g on the flag’ service, where punters could sleep with the girls on the St George’s flag. Marketing-wise the Olympics is a gift.'

Full-time escort Catherine Stephens, 30, said: 'The police have been doing more raids and telling more girls to stop working in the Olympic boroughs.'

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