Monday, 4 June 2012

Soho red-light district

  • Prostitutes advertise as 'models' in doorways leading up to flat 
  • Chinese medicine shops also offer massages with some services 
  • Escorts - including transsexuals -  post their cards in phone boxes 
Soho is the most popular place in London to find prostitutes. It has been a red-light district since the 1960s and there are large numbers of girls working in the area every night. It is also legal to use their services, which are cheaper than anywhere else in England or the rest of Europe.

Prostitutes in Soho advertise themselves as 'models' in what have become known as 'walk-ups'. These are basically small open doors on the streets with signs outside for models. People go in and walk up the stairs to flats on the first or second floors. Here they are greeted either by the prostitute or by a maid who is running the flat.
London's red-light district Soho where prostitutes can be found every day and night very easily 

At busy times the maid may tell somebody to come back in five minutes if the girl is with a customer - or punter as they are sometimes called. They might also invite the gentleman in to wait inside the flat until the woman is free. In somewhat strange scenes, customers may pass each other on the steps leading up to the flat and share comments about the situation or the girl.

The entrance to a walk-up in Soho, London
Prices for prostitutes in Soho begin at £20 for sex. The girl often keeps on her bra and will only do one position for this price. The prices increase gradually for different services. The services that prostitutes offer varies. Sometimes they will have a 'menu' with prices on the wall.

Using prostitutes in Soho is the safest and easiest way to find paid-for-sex in London. It is legal and there are lots of girls around. Ignore the advances of anybody on the street who offers to take you to 'girls'. They are merely hustlers and chancers who will demand a tip - often up to £10 for doing this. It's not necessary to even talk to these people, as it's so easy for anybody to find 'walk-ups' in Soho.

Also stay away from women on the street in Soho who offer sex. These women often steal people's money by demanding that the man gives them cash up-front, pretending that they live in a nearby-flat, but then disappearing down one of Soho's many alleyways.

For a full list of the prostitutes in Soho and which they can be found on, visit the website Soho walk-ups. It has an excellent database of the nationalities of women, when they work and which address they can be found at.

Chinese massage shops

In Soho there are also a large number of oriental massage shops that offer a range of services. Most of these can be found in the China town part of Soho. Chinese girls will often stand outside their massage shops to accost men with the offer of a massage. Some will also offer a 'happy-ending' to them.

The prices for such services begin at £30 for a half-hour massage. The girl is likely to then offer hand-relief for an extra £20. However, these prices are fairly steep. The girls can always be knocked down to £20 for massage and £10 for the 'happy-ending'. Some girls will offer £40 for an hour with a happy-ending included. There are plenty of these places, and plenty of the Chinese girls on the streets outside them, so be sure to haggle to get the best price.

Sometimes the girls will provide extra services, such as taking off their tops and allowing men to play with their breasts. Others will let you rub their legs and backsides. Be nice to them and they usually don't have a problem with this. However, it's unlikely that any of the Chinese girls offer sex. Though, maybe if someone waved a bit of cash at  them they would.

Phone-box cards

Prostitutes in all parts of central London, and particularly the tourists areas, offer their services by posting their cards in phone boxes. Soho has many of these such cards in its phone boxes. These include women and transsexuals.

These prostitutes are slightly more expensive and a little more 'high class' than those selling sex in walk-ups. They often have their own flats, or work for escort agencies. For somebody who wants to spend a little more time with a girl, has more money or wants the prostitute to return to their hotel, then this might be best for them. Typical prices are around £100 for an hour.

For more expensive girls who are considered high-class, the best thing to do is to go through an escort agency.


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